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Selling Your Business

Our BEST Free Advice: Your business is a substantial asset in your personal net worth. Too often we see folks enter the sale process without effectively aligning assets from a wealth perspective. W5 is unique in that we bring a holistic approach to this stage of your personal asset management – a crucial and so often overlooked step.

To sell a business, retain those who have done it — folks who have owned, built, and successfully bought and sold businesses on their own. That’s us, W5 Business Group. Let us lead the sale or purchase for you, retaining other professionals as required, at the appropriate time in the process.

Helmco Capital is often called on to assist, guide, or direct owners of small to mid-sized businesses wishing to sell or transition. We do so via W5 Business Group. W5 is managed and directed by Daniel Holland, President and CEO of the company. You can contact Daniel directly at or by phone at (902) 499-7627.

W5 Business Group

Ensuring confidentiality is the number one concern we hear from sellers — Huge implications if customers or employees were to find out that a business owner is considering or processing the sale of their business. We “get it” as we have been through the process ourselves, as well as on behalf of numerous clients.

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